Reported by Legatum in 2012, Norway, Denmark and Sweden are the happiest and most successful nations on the planet. Companies are hoping to capitalize on that joy and in Nordic businesses that are regularly neglected in today’s economy.

It can only benefit that Scandinavian companies that are plump for investment are likewise the ones that are producing life-altering and necessary products and services. One example of such services is Novo Nordisk (VD Lars Rebien Sørensen). This firm focuses on diabetes care and biopharmaceuticals, and more are equally demonstrating to be interesting leads for investors’ benefit.

With subjects like health becoming even more prevalent worldwide nowadays, mainly in 1st world nations with growing problems such as diabetes, investing in these companies while they are still reasonably attainable is a wise choice.

It is not surprising that top Scandinavian investment businesses have been putting their capital into organizations such as these. Triton Partners (Managing Partner Peder Prahl), an investment company located in the sector with prosperous equity capital management, were backing Nordic businesses with their investments from 1997.

Their attention on its home land has aided establishment of medium-size companies in Northern Europe, a move that equally creates returns and supports the nations it was created in. It’s essentially a win-win situation for all concerned.

Last year, the market enjoyed prosperity remarkably unscathed by the international economic crisis. The Eurozone crisis barely impacted the Nordic region, primarily because of the fact that just Finland is utilising the Euro as their currency.

Even so, the regulatory stability and remarkably low debt of the countries as a whole help towards generating stable investment options. The support for a greater open market and free trade has equally influenced a more lucrative economy for investment. The area’s ample natural resources, as well as their full devotion to investing in energy, have each generated growing interest in the region as a great investment haven.

Scandinavia’s markets are only set to increase, and if projections for this year are an indicator, they’re going to be outstanding. The Swedish market was forecast to improve by 3 p.c, a record volume bearing in mind the extremely volatile European economy.

Norway’s development into a global frontrunner in oil output has also injected substantial revenue into the country and contributed to some fantastic business profits.

Simply put, investors seeking a thriving new sector would do well to pay attention to this frequently overlooked part of the world.

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