Ugg Australia Womens Boots – Luxurious Feet ComfortUgg boots have come a long way from its Australian surfers beginning and a comfy sheepskin boot for around the house. Ugg boots have become an international phenomenon with international stars like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss and Eva Longoria huge fans. Not just for the ladies either, NFL football star quarterback Tom Brady endorses Ugg boots too.

Why are they so popular, chic sheepskin boots! Simply they are just so comfortable on your feet. Being natural from sheepskin they have the same properties as wool, cool in summer and warm in winter.Thus you have a natural foot temperature regulator. Easy to put on and comfortable Quality matters here, for example the Australian Merino sheep which has a very fine wool class grading. Merino fibers will let your skin breathe better and be even more comfortable on your feet.
Ugg Boots natural comfort – long, short, classic or designer.

See all 3 photos Kate Hudson Shows Off Her Ugg BootsSource: UGG Buy UGG Australia Classic Tall Womens BootsUGG Australia Women’s Classic Tall Boots 7 M (US), Grey Buy Now UGG Australia Classic Tall Womens BootsBuy UGG Australia Classic Tall Womens Boots for that legendary sheepskin comfort from the authentic UGG Australia boot. Warm in winter, cool those toes in summer.

Made from twin face Sheepskin with raw edges

Suede heel guards with nylon binding for added strength and support

The insole is made from genuine sheepskin sock. The natural fiber naturally wicks your feet’s moisture keeping your feet snug and dry

The outsole has the UGG Australai patented design with flexible molded EVA bottom

Boot is around 11 3/4 inches tall

See all 3 photos Shane Stedman Enjoying His Ugg Boots at The Beach in the 1970sSource: Mirror UGG Boots – How it all StartedThe Aussie classic Ugg boot has come a long way. Ugg boots are now championed by Hollywood stars like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Anniston and Sarah Jessica Parker. The sheep skin boots simple comfort have become a world wide phenomenon with the rich and famous.
In 2010 there were $799 million worth of ustralian Ugg boots sold. It was back in 1971 that a surfer Shane Stedman invented the Ugg boot. He originally registered the name Ugh. Twelve years later he sold the rights to the Americancompany Deckers for

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