More than ever people are turning to Ayurveda for psoriasis treatment and in Ayurveda the body must be eliminated of toxins for the treatment of the disease.
With each person the symptoms vary and there is dry scaling of the skin and these patches appear on different parts of the body most commonly on the knees and the elbow and at times psoriasis occurs as a secondary infection due to diabetes, heart disease and at times due to stress and depression. ugg boots outlet online Researchers agree on the fact that the condition occurs due to genes and a malfunction of the immune system.

Ayurveda suggests panchakarma for the cure of the disease and following a strict diet and making major changes in the life-style are highly advised for evading the symptoms of the disease. In order Cheap UGG Boots to ease the symptoms dietary supplements like fish oil, application of linseed oil or avocado oil fasten the healing process keeping the skin moist and retaining the skin’s moisture are effective methods usually adopted to keep the skin from drying.

Ayurveda advises consumption of fruits and fruit juices and vegetables like bitter gourd, pumpkin etc. are categorized as good psoriasis diet. Meanwhile it is best to stay away from animal fats, eggs, processed canned foods, spicy foods and one must consume only easily digestible foods.
It is as advisable not to Cheap UGG Boots use harsh chemicals and dyes and perfumes also trigger the reaction of the skin and the effect is detrimental to an already suffering patient.

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