There are all sorts of different and popular methods out there for fighting acne these days. There are numerous products made by big name companies. You can choose to undergo surgical procedures. There are also spas that offer facial treatments. However, if what you want is clean and acne free skin, you should start ignoring all the hype. The key to proper skin care is to get back to the basics and use those. Here are some of the basics of skin care and acne prevention that you should use to keep your skin looking beautiful.

Exercise regularly. So what does exercise have to do with preventing acne? Sweat helps to wash out your pores. But there are other ways you can make sure your skin is clear. After sweating, you’ll need to wash, and this is actually the other reason why those who tend to exercise a lot don’t usually have an acne problem. The more often they shower, the more often that their skin remains clean and the pores unclogged.

Never scrub your face. You may get the urge to scrub your face to get rid of the excess oil. However, your skin is likely to get damaged by scrubbing. Scrubbing can tear the skin. Also, scrubbing stimulates the oil glands so they start producing excess oil. Scrubbing irritates the skin. In response to the skin irritation, your oil glands start producing more oil in order to soothe the skin. Basically, you’re not doing your skin any favors by scrubbing your face.

Daily hair washing is recommended. Daily shampooing and whether or not it is good for the hair is still a hotly debated subject. Do once a day shampooing until science tells us otherwise. When you don’t wash your hair every day, your hair gets oily. Don’t expect the oil to remain on your scalp. Oil will also travel down every hair strand. The oil reaches the pores of your skin when hair touches your face, neck, and back. You’ll end up with pimples when the pores get all clogged up. When you wash your hair, make sure you use a gentle shampoo. Do this and you can count on having hair and skin that are healthy. For preventing acne, you’ll find all kinds of products and advanced procedures. If you’ve already got acne, these same products will be able to get rid of it. But then again, keep in mind that they are hyped up. You can stop and prevent acne with the help of the most basic methods.

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