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The fastest lap from the entire test in the Rolex Sports car Series was turned by Michael Valiante in no. 6 Michael Shank Racing Ford Riley on Sunday morning. Valiante, who will share the driving duties with Chris Cumming, Gustavo Yacaman and Jorge Goncalvez, posted a speed of one hundred twenty five.576 mph.

Rolex is often a Swiss luxury watch company founded in 1905 the actual planet city based in london by Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law Alfred Davis. Rolex is home loan houses and essentially the most successful luxury watch company on the planet. This watch company manufactures close to 2 thousand watches daily consists of an annual revenue of around three billion dollars. The fact remains that rolex watches are regarded all around the globe. This watch brand is synonymous with luxury, wealth and needless to say the art of high quality watch crafting. Billionaires, millionaires, watch collectors and regular folks are fascinated with fame, design and company’s rolex watches.

The winning No. 01 car had an average speed of 105.22 mph during its 709 laps and 2,524 miles, nearly equivalent in a one-way trip from Daytona Beach, Fla., to downtown Los Angeles.

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The Not a chance. 01 team was labeled simply because car to defeat entering this weekend’s Rolex 24. The c’s lived considerably as those expectations by leading a race-high 421 of 709 laps to capture North America’s most prestigious sports car race.

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