Education has always been a top priority for concerned parents or guardians seeking to guarantee the future of their children. Alas, there’s never been a more confusing time to decide on a preparatory school that matches the needs of both parent and offspring. Because of the range of alternatives on the market, it’s critical that you have set distinct and appropriate criteria prior to starting the search. For example, while your initial instinct might be to go for a place closer to home, boarding schools might be a better option in the long run. Listed here is our run down of the best prep schools in England, determined by how well they balance vast open spaces, academic general performance and casual activities.

On the boys’ side of things there is Horris Hill, a feeder boarding school for Eton College and Radley. It was set up in 1888 in Berkshire and is now a home away from home for more than 100 young boys with ages between 7 and 13. There is a marked emphasis on making certain that the students receive proper assistance and reassurance in place of simple recommendations. For this reason it has moved away from its orthodox roots and varied its selection of classes and activities, although not to the degree that the necessary areas of progression would be affected. It keeps a trademark atmosphere that fosters friendships between the boys as well as a sound feeling of eagerness and interest. This comes along with its pleasant setting, 80 acres of explorable land and a ban on electronic products usage. Horris Hill is thus more quickly compared to an prolonged scouting trip where the young ones learn by doing.

Godstowe is a remarkable Buckinghamshire preparatory school for young girls boasting a really difficult admittance technique that once in a while turns down as many as 17 hopefuls each week. It has the distinction of being the first boarding school for girls established in Britain and this is reflected in its undeniably highly effective academic system. In fact, 20 of its 2013 former pupils have won scholarships to well established schools like Downe House and Wycombe Abbey. Weekends at Godstowe are full to the brim with fun-based activities, supplying a comfortable home feeling for those boarders electing to stay for the full week. Furthermore, it is a much needed opportunity to cool off and boost vitality for the next week. The recreation curriculum is mixed and some of the lessons accessible incorporate fencing, film production and cookery for a well-rounded education.

And finally, we have Windlesham House School for those parents who give preference to a mixed collective. Situated in the charming West Sussex countryside, this school is blessed with an astounding 65 acres of open space and teaches somewhere around 300 boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 13, as well as 4 to 7 within their Little Windlesham programme. Their classes range in matter from the classical (including mathematics and Latin) to computer studies and drama. It is a part of IAPS, having completed thorough screening under stern industry guidelines. Thus, you are assured that the schooling will live up to your highest expectations. A testament to this is the fact that its students have gone on to be accepted into some of the most highly regarded secondary schools in the UK, including Eton, Marlborough and Winchester.

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