Stephen Dattels has been involved in the mining industry for a remarkable time, being recognized for his positions as Chief Executive for several renowned corporations.

Until recently, Stephen was the Chief Executive Officer of West African Minerals and Polo Resources Limited. He has been broadly active in the precious metals, fossil fuel and ore resources market, not to mention investing tremendously in the oil and gas exploration sector in Africa.

Today, Stephen is Chairman of Regent Mercantile Holdings Limited, which invests in gas, mining and oil opportunities. He is also Co-Chairman and large shareholder in Regent Pacific Group Limited, as well as Chairman and co-founder of Circum Minerals Limited, which is involved in potash resourcing.

His profession began at McGill University, studying a Bachelor of Arts degree, followed by study at the University of Western Ontario, where he obtained a law degree (cum laude). Dattels then began his law career with Toronto law firm Perry, Farley & Onyschuk.

Stephen Dattel’s financial profession started with Venturetek International Limited, a venture capital business located in Toronto. In his next position at Barrick Gold Corporation, he was instrumental in the company’s development, helping the organisation’s expansion from $10 million in capital to greater than $2 billion. Stephen held the role of Director and Executive Vice President of Corporate Finance at the company.

Stephen has been regularly engaged in the launching of various prosperous companies. The International Pursuit Corporation was set up by Stephen in 1987, which investigated improving gas and oil mining efforts in Canada and Asia. Since that time, he has founded or co-founded many profitable companies, including Emerging Metals Limited (now West African Minerals Corporation).

Stephen also has chaired and funded numerous firm initiations, including UraMin Inc.; Finelot PLC; Oriel Resources PLC; and Polo Resources Limited. His initial position was as the Chairman and financier of the International Gold Resources Corporation, leading the exploration firm to its purchase by Ashanti Goldfields Company Limited in 1996 for the estimated amount of $130 million.

Alongside funding the aforementioned ventures, Stephen has backed a variety of firms, which have included European Minerals Corporation; Weda Bay Minerals Inc.; Royal Standard Minerals Inc.; and Bancorp Inc., amidst many others.

Stephen Dattels has been specifically busy in the uranium market, investing in a number of businesses including A-Cap Resources Limited; Berkeley Resources Limited; and Marenica Energy Limited.

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