causes acneAs you probably know, there is a lot of information on the Internet about how to take care of acne. But you really have to be careful about this because you can easily be mislead. If you use this info, and it is wrong, or you get it wrong, it could have a negative impact on your health.

You can accomplish a lot with sound advice from online sources, and your particular course of action should be carefully considered. The treatment that you choose needs to be based upon your particular skin type. As long as the treatment matches your skin, you should have positive result.

Anyone that suddenly starts to have an acne breakout will wonder why it is occurring. Sometimes they will go to the doctor to get some help. Let’s talk about the second question for now because most people may want to see a doctor and it may be unnecessary. Of course you can receive prescription medication from a dermatologist. Most of the time, they are happy to see you and will want to see you again for your trouble. But before you go to the doctor, do your own research on this topic. You really don’t need medical advice to remedy most cases of acne.

Another thing you need to consider is how to treat your acne in a way that will not lead to permanent scarring. In some cases, you will have permanent scars on your face because the acne was so severe. The type of treatment that you get may end up being an antibiotic. It really depends on what your dermatologist is able to tell you. We do not recommend that people use antibiotics for every little breakout. They should be reserved only for the most severe acne cases. Taking antibiotics for very small reasons is usually unwise, especially if you get sick later on in the year. In essence, what you need to take away from what we have just said is never to squeeze blemishes on your face. It is the squeezing which causes the scar after the blemish heals on your face.

A prolonged state of imbalanced hormones may lead to the development of acne on a person’s face and body. Do you have oily skin? If so, this may be related to your genetics. Those that are predisposed to have oily skin tend to have more acne breakouts. Controlling the oil production of your skin may be the only way that you can prevent breakouts from occurring. Remember that extreme efforts to control oil production will likely lead to more problems later. The production of oil will actually go up if you use a harsh cleanser, or wash your face too many times a day. So if you over-dry your skin, all you are doing is causing your oil glands to produce more oil which will make the problem worse.

In conclusion, if you cannot find a way to remedy your acne situation, you may need to get professional help for this skin disorder. If you do get help from a doctor, it will be based upon the type of acne that you have, and the situation that you are facing. Prescription meds are sometimes the only alternative that many people can choose. By going to a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis, you may be able to fix this problem.

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