You will find numerous great healthcare companies in the Scandinavian territory offering solutions for kids and grownups with mental, social and physical ailments. For instance, Vardaga is a leading healthcare service provider in the region, with treatments given for any age groups and across all types of impairment. Offering a range of services, the business helps people in day-to-day living and assists to bolster therapy for physical and mental ailments.

Children with physical, social and mental disabilities can often struggle with a lack of guidance in their developmental years, making later life more difficult. To tackle this, for youngsters with these problems Vardaga furnishes group houses for day-and-night care and support. They also provide regular exercises, short-term stays and schooling support, to help children acquire the training and experience they need while encouraging them emotionally, mentally and physically. The main focus is on individual assistance, to help personal improvement without hindering their educational growth.

Maturity can be made more difficult for people with disabilities because of an absence of knowledge of their condition and for an absence of assistance for their specific requirements. For grownups, they have an array of counselling stages to provide aid to those with differing needs for support. There is long-term lodging along with short term facilities, with individual support offered to people who think it critical due to their ailments. For psychiatric patients, there are particular accommodation available, with shelter support also provided for those who need it. Regular activities are available to help with treatment, and work support is also offered.

For grownups suffering in abusive conditions, the organization provides emergency lodging to give individuals a safe place to reside until their personal household situation is solved. Nursing assistance is offered, with healthcare attention provided. Hostel accommodation can also be offered to those whose situation requires it, and aid is given throughout to help each person with their case.

Fredrik Gren, President and Chief executive officer of the organization, discussed recently about the company’s renaming, mentioning that the transformation resembled the desire of the company to show their central values to their clients.

He added that the company ‘s 13,000 personnel strive to offer outstanding medical care throughout the company. Fredrik Gren joined the company’s parent group in February 2012, and previously kept the role of CEO at Menigo Foodservice AB.

The company has about 100 facilities throughout Sweden and their neighbouring countries, featuring 250 types of activities for all handicapped people. It has 4,700 support and care professionals who offer outstanding health care quality across each facility.

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