preventing hair lossUnfortunately becoming an adult doesn’t mean that you are done dealing with acne. Your acne may have cleared up some but it’s a problem you’ll need to deal with once in a while. What is important is that you not give in to the urge to freak out and throw every chemical you can find at your face. It’s so much better if you ignore the hype and just keep to the basics. After all, many people have kept acne at bay for many years using just the basics. So here are some basic methods you can use today to keep your skin acne free.

Have your acne checked by a dermatologist. It’s one thing to get pimples every once in a while but a different thing altogether when you’re an adult who’s always having acne breakouts. If your acne is truly worse than just an occasional zit, it is time to see a doctor or a dermatologist. He or she can evaluate your problem and determine the right course of treatment for you. Have you used many over-the-counter facial cleansers but they failed to work for your acne? A stronger one can be prescribed to you by a dermatologist. If your acne requires specific treatments, a dermatologist can also help you get those treatments. If other things, like hormonal issues, are feeding your acne, they’ll get to the root of it. Make sure that you remove makeup every night before going to bed. You may think your skin would be okay if you left makeup on even for one night, but you need to think again. So before you turn in for the night, thoroughly remove makeup on your face. Your pores will get all clogged if you leave your makeup on. What’s going to happen is that you’ll end up with pimples. Taking your makeup off each night doesn’t have to take a long time. In fact, you can easily work it into the rest of your nighttime skin care routine.

When in doubt, opt for natural acne fighters.

You probably have a few of these in your kitchen already. For instance, olive oil makes a great cleanser and moisturizer. And lemon juice is effective in clearing up the skin. You’ll find all kinds of natural ingredients for fighting acne. In fact, you can prepare your own homemade facial cleansers out of natural ingredients. If you get on the internet, you’ll find dozens of recipes for homemade acne reducers and facial cleansers that use all natural ingredients.

It’s no secret that not very few people get taken in by the hype surrounding most anti-acne products. The reality is that it’s the companies that benefit from this hype, not the consumers. What these companies won’t ever tell you is that you can prevent and treat acne by doing simple things, such as keeping your body healthy. This means cutting out the hype and getting back to the basics of skin care. You’ve read about some of those methods in this article.

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