acne mixtureAcne is one condition that most people would love to see eradicated from the face of the earth. Acne is a source of embarrassment as well as frustration. If you’ve always battled with acne, you likely have a cabinet full of products made to prevent and reduce acne. You’ve probably read dozens of articles of advanced tips and tricks for keeping your skin clean and clear. But using products loaded with chemicals and sticking to complicated routines aren’t necessary to have skin that’s clean and free from acne. What you need are the basics. Keep reading if you’re interested to know some of these basics.

Talk to your doctor or dermatologist about your acne. Getting a zit now and then is one thing, but having actual breakouts as an adult is entirely another. Think about going to a dermatologist if your acne problem is getting worse. A dermatologist can assess your acne problem and even come up with a treatment for you. If basic over the counter cleansers aren’t helping, they can prescribe something stronger to you. Also, your dermatologist can do specific treatments for your acne if you require them. A dermatologist will be able to figure out what the root cause of your acne is.

Avoid scrubbing your face. You may get the urge to scrub your face to get rid of the excess oil. Unfortunately when you scrub at your face you risk doing damage to it. Scrubbing causes scratches. It also kicks your oil glands into overdrive. Scrubbing irritates the skin. In response to the skin irritation, more oil is produced by your oil glands. The bottom line is that scrubbing won’t benefit your skin.

Wash your hair every day. There are debates right now about whether or not daily shampooing is really the best for your hair. Until we get a definitive answer from science, you’d do well shampooing daily. Your hair will just get oily if it doesn’t get washed every day. The oil doesn’t stop at your scalp. Your hair is going to get all oily. Then your hair touches your face and your back and it transports the oil to your pores. When there’s too much oil in your pores, the pores will get clogged up and this is how pimples start. Go for mild shampoo for your hair. Do this and you can count on having hair and skin that are healthy.

You can do numerous things to take care of your skin and you might think that these things are just too simple. Surely, all the basics aren’t that great if shelves in supermarkets and drugstores are full of skin care products. The truth is that those products sell because they have good marketing campaigns. If you want to keep acne away, it’s best to get back to the basics. Don’t wait before using the basics we’ve discussed here.

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