These days there are an astonishing number of acne fighting products on the market. How do you pick the right ones for you? Each of the products appears to do something that’s different from the other products. If you were to fall for the hype and the commercials, it seems like the ones with the harsher chemicals are the best for the skin. But this is not at all true. The truth is, these products are simply heavily marketed and companies are willing to go as far as to hype them up. Getting back to the basics is the best thing you can do if you truly want to fight acne. Ignore the hype and use these simple yet effective methods for combating acne.

Don’t touch your face. This is actually hard to do. Think you don’t touch your face all that often? Think again. How many times do you rest your face on your hand?

How many times do you brush your hair away from your face? How about those times when your skin itched? Any germs that are on the stuff you were touching get transferred to your face whenever you touch it with your hands. Also, you’re transferring oil on your hands to the pores on your face. This blocks the pores, which in turn results in acne. So as much as possible, don’t touch your face. Take the time to remove your makeup before sleeping. You better think again if you think one night won’t make any difference on your skin. So every night before you head for bed, get rid of all that makeup on your face properly and thoroughly. Leaving makeup overnight will clog your pores. Zits will follow. It won’t take you long to remove makeup every night. In fact, you can easily work it into the rest of your nighttime skin care routine.

Don’t go out in the sun without putting on some sunscreen. Although you can cover up whenever you go out in the sun, sunscreen is still something you need to use on your skin. Sunscreen will protect your skin from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. But not all brands of sunscreen are equal, though. You can ask a dermatologist for a good sunscreen to try. Choose sunscreen that can be used on the face. You can use regular sunscreen on other body parts. When your skin is healthy, it will be able to fight acne better. For keeping acne at bay, you’ll find all kinds of complicated, not to mention expensive, products and medical procedures these days. All these are hyped up and if you’re desperate for a solution for your acne problem, it’s all too easy to buy into the hype. They don’t realize, however, that acne prevention or treatment more often than not simply involves practicing basic skin care methods. Today you learned a few of those.

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