Unfortunately becoming an adult doesn’t mean that you are done dealing with acne. Your acne may have cleared up some but it’s a problem you’ll need to deal with once in a while. Make sure you don’t freak out and slap on every chemical you can find on your face to get rid of the acne. It’s so much better if you ignore the hype and just keep to the basics. After all, for a long time, a lot of people have found the basics to be very effective in clearing their skin of acne. So here are some basic methods you can use today to keep your skin acne free.

Keep your hands off of your face. This is actually hard to do. You believe that it isn’t all that often that you touch your face, but believe it or not, you do it often. Think about all those times you’ve got the palm of your hand against your cheek when you’re gazing at something or whenever you’re thinking.

How many times do you brush your hair away from your face? How about those times when your skin itched? Germs and bacteria get transferred to your face whenever you touch it without washing your hand. Not only that, the oil on your hands get transferred to the pores on your face. This blocks the pores, which in turn results in acne. So as much as possible, don’t touch your face. Make sure that you remove makeup every night before going to bed. You may be too tired and think one night wouldn’t make any difference, but you’d be surprised. Properly and thoroughly remove all of your makeup every evening before you go to bed for the night. You’d only be clogging your pores if makeup isn’t removed from your face. What’s going to happen is that you’ll end up with pimples. It’s not going to take you a long time to get rid of all that makeup on your face every night. This is something that you can easily incorporate to your nightly skin care regimen.

For skin cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, pick the mildest formulations. You may think that the heavy duty skin care products are better. You may mistakenly think that the burning sensation from the harsh stuff is good for the skin and better than the gentle formulations. However, your skin will benefit from using gentler products. Remember, your skin deserves gentle treatment. The skin on your face is extremely sensitive. Be as gentle as you can with it. Forget about using salicylic acid because it can burn your skin. There are all sorts of complicated products and procedures that you can use to help you keep acne at bay. It’s easy to buy into the marketing hype for them and start to believe that you need them. They don’t realize, however, that acne prevention or treatment more often than not simply involves practicing basic skin care methods. In this post, we mentioned a few of those.

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