Don’t “pick at your acne” – this is something you have probably heard from time to time. That is sound advice that millions of people with acne ignore every day. If you are experiencing pain from your acne, it is difficult to be patient when trying to find a remedy. Or, you begin seeing something just days from some important social event. Many breakouts are caused by higher levels of stress associated with events in our lives. You need to be able to take your skincare program to the next level using techniques that actually work.

It is important that you do not touch any blemish forming on your face. We know that can be very hard to do but it is the smart thing to do. If you press on these, you will force the bacteria and sebum out which may lead to more acne. Spot treatments are your best bet with some proven acne treatment. You also need to keep your skin clean. The blemish that you see is the result of waste byproducts created by the bacteria trapped in the pore. There is also sebum in the formation. The treatment you use will act to kill the bacteria, so you just treat your skin as you normally would and apply non-comedogenic cover-up.

One thing that you do not want to have happen is for scars to form after your acne has cleared up. In some cases, you will have permanent scars on your face because the acne was so severe. You may end up with an antibiotic type of treatment. It really depends on how severe your acne is and what your dermatologist wants to prescribe. Although you can get treatment for minor acne problems with antibiotics, it is not recommended in most cases. The only reason for that is you want to avoid taking too many antibiotics for other reasons. The bottom line is that you should not squeeze your acne or any blemish that you see. It is this squeezing that will almost always cause a scar to form once the blemish heals.

Most of the time, teenagers will develop acne. However, if it is not normal acne, then they should see their physician as soon as possible. You need to see a doctor so that you can get a referral. This is basically a glorified note to go see a dermatologist about your condition. Since there are many different kinds of acne, with severe acne being one of them, you may need medications to make it go away. It is this kind of acne that can leave severe scarring, and you can help to keep that to a minimum with early treatment. And finally, never squeeze deep blemishes. This can leave scars on your face so make sure you listen to what your physician has to say.

Regardless of the type of acne you have, avoid giving up on your skin and caring for it. Anyone that has cystic acne, or a bad case of it, can still remedy the situation. Keep your skin clean, but realize that oil is normal and healthy for proper skin growth and sustenance. If you are not sure what is best, then a trip to your dermatologist will be well worth the price.

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