Having acne can be traumatic, but acne scarring is terrible, especially if you seem to be stuck with it. Fortunately, every outbreak of acne may not lead to scars. What’s disturbing is that certain types of acne do lead to unsightly scars. Some types of acne scars – and there are various types – will be more serious and need to be surgically removed. Other acne scarring will respond successfully to natural remedies or non-prescription treatments from your pharmacy. In this report, we’ll explore some of the options you have for treating your acne scars.

If you are prone to scar when you get acne, or if you already have acne scars, you should spend as little time in the sun as possible. The UV rays of the sun can easily damage your skin if you spend too much time outdoors and haven’t taken the proper precautions. What will happen? Your scars may get worse and, if you are in the middle of an acne outbreak, the pimples could get infected. For some reason, many people have come to believe that sunshine helps in the healing process for acne. However, when you’re out in the sun, especially without sunscreen, it is actually damaging to your acne scars. Don’t think that you can use a tanning bed instead. They can do the same damage to your sensitive skin as actual sunshine. Don’t for a minute think that you have to forgo enjoying the sunshine. This isn’t the case. Just make sure that you cover any sensitive areas with a reliable sunscreen to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.

If you need a way to conceal your acne scars, do what a lot of people do – cover them with makeup. Makeup is a good choice for those who need a temporary cover-up for their acne scars, even though the makeup must be put on every day. If you are searching for a more permanent solution, makeup will suffice for the moment. It’s possible to successfully remove, or reduce, most acne scarring; however, there are cases where the scars are stubborn and not responsive to treatment.

Another problem some people have is that they can’t afford surgery at the moment, and their scars are too deep to respond well to creams and other home treatments. While you’re waiting to be able to afford a surgical procedure to remove your acne scars, consider using a high-quality makeup product to conceal your problem. One of the best types of makeup for this purpose are the mineral based makeup lines. They have a natural appearance and treat your skin gently.

If you are looking for some natural remedies to try on your acne scarring, there are numerous easy-to-find and use natural products available. Are you familiar with the Aloe Vera plant? It is a cactus that has a healing gel inside its leaves. You can buy this gel, or the juice, at discount stores and pharmacies. You should use a pure aloe vera gel or juice for this purpose, not just a cream or lotion that contains aloe. Fresh lemon juice is another easy-to-find natural ingredient that can be used to heal acne scars. You simply apply the lemon juice to your acne scars and leave it there for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. Do this in the morning and at night. Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca alternifolia) has been used for centuries for healing, and is a very strong antiseptic that is very effective in treating acne scars and active acne, as well as a multitude of other conditions. Take a good look at all of the options available to you before you decide which type of scar treatment you wish to pursue. Consulting with a dermatologist is always a wise decision, as you may need advice on which treatment is most appropriate for your situation. With time and patience, you will discover the perfect solution for treating your acne scars. Just remember to keep a positive attitude.

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