The first fight on the main card was labeled “Battle of America’s bravest”, as firefighters John Kelly from MMA Masters was pitted against Nico Parella from ATT Wolfpack in Sunrise.

From there, I stayed hidden in the theatre with a few GIFF board members. And Tom Berenger (haha). Taking the time to dry off since I sweat like Patrick Ewing, it was time for the award presentation to Walsh proceeded by the opening night film, The Music Never Stopped.

If the answer to one of the above questions is no, then it is time for Dave Trembley to go. This ship is sinking. The captain has to take the blame. As I said last week, sending this team to Detroit on August 3rd following a losing homestand would send fans the message that there is no accountability within the organization for losing.

I spoke with presseausweisbeantragen the owners and Denise a little while back and they informed me that they have their game faces on for the big game next Sunday. Yes, they are ready for football; they are ready for the fans.

Great times, and this season more great times seem to be on the way as I have been in contact with the Brahmas communication manager on getting my Pressepass to the Brahmas home games this year.

Walsh and I went into theatre area and he tolerated my Howard Stern-esque questions for about 10 minutes. When I get a moment to breathe – which is not likely over the next four days – I will publish my interview with him. And it will be interesting.

However, if you want my honest opinion, the Santa Fe Southwestern Grill (1235 Fariview St, Burlington, ON) is your best bet for a good time. I have decided hands down that this place is the right spot come game time.

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