There’s a lot of acne fighting products available today. If you were to believe these ads, each one of these products will miraculously cure acne.

apply tea treeBut the truth is that these products are all hype. Be smarter; don’t buy into the hype anymore if you want to be acne free. If you truly want to keep acne at bay, you’ll have to start practicing basic methods for skin care. They may be simple, but they work.

Get plenty of exercise. So you’re probably wondering how exercise can prevent acne. Exercising causes you to sweat, which in turn washes out anything that is clogging up the pores of your skin. But there are other ways you can make sure your skin is clear. It’s also important to point out that acne is less of a problem among people who regularly exercise because they end up showering a lot more in order to wash the sweat away. Extra showers means extra rinsing of your pores.

You need to drink lots of water. Experts recommend drinking no less than 64 ounces of water daily. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep your body hydrated. The important thing is that water keeps your skin hydrated. If your skin is dry, your glands work double-time to produce more oils in order to maintain your skin’s elasticity. By drinking water, your helping your skin stay hydrated. When your skin is well hydrated, your glands won’t be producing as much oil, which means your pores won’t get clogged and you won’t end up with pimples.

Eat a healthy diet. Eating a diet that’s nutritious will help you maintain a healthy body. You’ll have healthy skin if your body is healthy. Pimples are a lot less likely to come up if your skin is healthy. So if you really want to keep your skin clear and healthy, avoid eating junk food. By sticking to a healthy diet, you’ll maintain the elasticity of your skin and keep it looking young. For preventing acne, you’ll find all kinds of products and advanced procedures. They’re also effective for eliminating acne. However, many of these products are nothing but hype. You’ll be better off getting back to the basics if you want to stop acne or prevent it.

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