Those were days when there were great movies to watch and a lot were box office blockbusters. When they gave their thumbs up or down, the combination of taste was like a sparing match and they didn’t always agree. Roger was the more cerebral of the two and Siskel was the emotional one. Now that Ebert has gone to that great film review screening in the sky, he’s in a better place where all motion pictures are good.

Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane was his favorite film and he hailed Martin Scorsese’s talent and flair for epic scale direction and soft melodrama subtlety despite an early career palate of violent subject matter. Ebert was a softy for good art films or independent auteurs. He wasn’t always sold on popular mass audience appeal. And you didn’t always agree with his reviews or conservatively critical talking points, but you usually knew where he stood.

The first thing I noticed was that Rodgers was not wearing his Super Bowl ring. Anyhow, the cart stopped briefly at midfield, then proceeded to the 10-yard line at the south end of the stadium where the quarterback got into position for drills. For today, the drill was simple. Rodgers will toss you a pass — and you have one chance to catch it.

When you ask yourself why you want to take pictures you open the door to more questions. Is your goal to have a camera around the house for when the kids do something cute, or are you looking for a hobby interest that you can grow with? A point-and-shoot rig is all you need for fast family photos. If you want to build a serious hobby around your passion for photography, a component system is in your future.

There are four commonly used types of passes. The all-access ticket will provide you with the greatest possible interaction with your idol such as before the actual performance, parties before the concert, etc. A crew pass is obviously for crew members. Those who have this pass can cover the majority of concert areas. There is also the Pressepass that hold certain restrictions according to the rules implemented by the organizers. Finally there is the VIP pass which can give you the freedom to enjoyably enter unrestricted areas of the event.

When I sat on the Victory Vision Tourer model, I was impressed by the low and very comfortable seat height. You are part of this bike when you sit and ride it. Unlike Harley Davidson’s where I feel like I am sitting up on top of the motorcycle and not really feeling like I am part of the bike. Harley feel like scooters to me compared to the Victory motorcycles. The comfortable integrated seat on the Victory Vision also means you have a lower center of gravity. They bike felt very manageable and very well balanced. Very comfortable riding position and handlebar location.

A photographer who is standing in sun and photographing a subject in shade will get poor exposures. People feel that electronic flash is rarely needed when taking pictures with good sunlight available. Not so. Natural light often creates shadows on a subject. If the subject happens to be a person, this can result in one side of the person’s face being too dark. Fill flash should be used light a subject evenly when shadows are present. A full flash will be overpowering and create a harsh effect. If you expect to do much work outdoors, you should consider getting a flash system where you can adjust the power of the flash.

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