You will find numerous methods available to keep acne at bay today. A lot of the products are from big brands. There are medical and plastic surgery procedures you can do. There are spas as well that offer facial and acne treatments. However, to truly maintain skin that’s clean and clear, you need to forget about the hype. For proper skin care, you’ll need to start getting back to the basics. If you have acne or if you want to prevent acne, use these basic skin care methods today.

See a dermatologist. Having acne breakouts frequently when you’re an adult is altogether different from having zits appear once in a while. If your acne is truly worse than just an occasional zit, it is time to see a doctor or a dermatologist. Your doctor or your dermatologist will be able to assess your acne and help you figure out a way to treat it. If the regular cleansers you’ve used didn’t work for you, a stronger cleanser can be prescribed by your dermatologist. And if your acne problem requires certain treatments, your dermatologist can do those for you. If other things, like hormonal issues, are feeding your acne, they’ll get to the root of it.

Never scrub your face. It’s very tempting to scrub, particularly if your face is just too oily. Unfortunately when you scrub at your face you risk doing damage to it. Scrubbing can tear the skin. Also, scrubbing stimulates the oil glands so they start producing excess oil. Your skin becomes irritated. In response to the skin irritation, more oil is produced by your oil glands. The bottom line is that scrubbing won’t benefit your skin.

Use natural acne fighters.

You’ll find these things in your kitchen cabinet most likely. For example, you can cleanse and moisturize your skin with olive oil. For clearing up the skin, lemon juice works well. There are a lot of natural ingredients out there that are found to work well in fighting acne. In fact, you can prepare your own homemade facial cleansers out of natural ingredients. If you get on the internet, you’ll find dozens of recipes for homemade acne reducers and facial cleansers that use all natural ingredients.

There are all sorts of different things that go into helping your skin stay clean and clear. In fact, you’ve read about some of them in this article.

But you need to do your own research as well if you want to learn more ways. Remember that you’re not likely to be helped by an acne fighting product that has too much hype.

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