reducing skin irritationThere’s a lot of acne fighting products available today. If these ads are to be believed, they being touted as the miracle cure for zits.

However, these products are just all hype. If you truly want to keep your acne at bay, you need to stop buying into the hype. If you truly want to keep acne at bay, you’ll have to start practicing basic methods for skin care. They may be simple, but they work.

Avoid washing your face more often than necessary. This may go against everything you’ve been told but it is true. Your skin will actually be damaged by the frequent face washing. If you wash your face frequently, your skin winds up producing more oil because it’s the only way it can keep itself moisturized. But then again, pimples are a lot more likely to appear due to excess oil present. Instead keep your face washing to just a couple of times per day: morning and nighttime. If your face needs washing during the day, simply splash a little water on it.

Go for makeup and skin care products which are noncomedogenic. A product labeled with this has been tested to not cause acne or worsen an already existing acne condition.

Before you buy any skin care product, check the label. If you don’t see this word on the label, skip the product. Products that are not noncomedogenic are a lot more likely to cause your pores to become clogged. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to use cosmetics. But we don’t live in a perfect world and so your next best option is to use cosmetics that are gentle enough on the skin.

Put on sunscreen whenever you venture out. While you can do other things to protect your skin, you shouldn’t overlook sunscreen. The sun has harmful UVA and UVB rays and sunscreen can protect your skin from those. However, sunscreen brands are different. Ask your doctor or a dermatologist to recommend the best products when it comes to preventing exposure to the sun. Make sure the sunscreen you use is designed for use on the face. Use “regular” sunscreen on the rest of your body. Your acne should clear up when your skin is healthy.

Don’t be like most people who are easy to buy into the hype created for many acne products. Unfortunately, the only thing they do is bring in the money for the companies. Consumers are left still dealing with their acne problem. What these companies won’t ever tell you is that you can prevent and treat acne by doing simple things, such as keeping your body healthy. And what this means is tuning out all the hype and simply using simple but effective skin care methods. You’ve read about some of those methods in this article.

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