When someone has acne, it can be devastating. When the scars it leaves seem permanent, and your best efforts don’t eliminate them, it’s even worse. The type of acne that leads to scars is the most distressing. However, you will be glad to know that not all acne outbreaks cause scars to form. Even acne scars can be different. You can successfully treat some with natural remedies or over-the-counter medicine that you buy at the pharmacy. Other types of acne scars require surgical procedures to remove. In this report, we’ll explore some of the options you have for treating your acne scars.

Lasers have entered the field of treatment options for acne scarring. Different laser treatments exist, of course, but one of the treatment methods that is very effective uses a Fractional CO2 laser. This new laser type is able to pinpoint exactly where the treatment should go and doesn’t involve the skin that is around the targeted area. There is no damage to the areas surrounding the acne that is being treated and healing is much quicker. This Fractional CO2 laser treatment has enabled a lot of acne scar sufferers to see positive benefits after their first treatment. Nonetheless, as with most things, there are drawbacks. This type of treatment is not cheap and your recovery time may be a few days. Be that as it may, the treatment benefits can last for several months and the results of the procedure are immediate.

A lot of folks resort to makeup to hide their acne scarring. Makeup offers an effective, temporary, solution to conceal your acne scars but the application has to be repeated daily. However, it gives you an option until such time as you can find another solution. While some scars are resistant to just about any type of treatment, most acne scarring will respond to treatment and be completely removed or at least reduced.

Not everyone’s acne scars will go away with home remedies and, unfortunately, people with severe scarring that require surgical intervention cannot always afford this type of treatment. High quality makeup can be used until you’re able to get your scars removed. One of the best types of makeup for this purpose are the mineral based makeup lines. They have a natural appearance and treat your skin gently.

Besides the products that you can find at your pharmacy to clear up an active outbreak of acne, you can also find several products that are used to eliminate scars. The basic ingredients to look for in this type of product are retinol, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, and aloe vera gel. These are all healing ingredients.

These type of treatments can be effective at reducing small scars, but if you have scars that are deep, this approach may not be enough. Check online for actual customer reviews of any product that you would like to try on your own acne scarring. While these products may help a little to improve the appearance of severe scarring, don’t be unrealistic about what you expect an OTC product to do. Each person’s method for dealing with their acne scars will be unique to that person. Not everyone will benefit from the same treatment. Slight or superficial scars can be treated in many ways, and for these you probably don’t need any kind of surgical procedure. However, if you wish to explore the surgical procedures available to you, do research into your options. Then, make an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss the outcome of your research and to get any questions you have answered.

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